About Us

While working in several professional fields and holding various leadership positions, we confronted a series of life challenges that influenced and directly impacted our personal well-being, family life, and professional success.


The truth is…we have been there where you are…

…trying to figure out how to build a life together – through trial and error , become the best parents we could while learning along the way (including learning from our mistakes), and serving in leadership positions and working with teams, to find that things didn’t always work out the way we envisioned.

When confronting challenges, we needed to maintain a growth mindset, so we studied, researched, and placed into practice many different strategies to achieve happiness and fulfillment in all (well, OK, most) areas of life. And we want to share with you what we learned, what worked (and what did not), and how applying leadership life skills makes a significant difference in our personal and inter-personal relationships at all levels.

As Founders of R-A Pinnacle Group, we possess over 40 years of combined experience in education, psychology, neuroscience, coaching and leadership development. We have held leadership positions in academia, provided psychological and counseling services, held executive positions, and served a myriad of clients through executive and leadership development programs.

Our purpose is to help people develop Leadership Life Skills to become one’s best Self, enjoy a happy family life, and realize a fulfilling and rewarding professional journey.

Teresa Albizu


Dr. Albizu is the Founder and Co-President of R-A Pinnacle Group – a consulting company providing personal and leadership development education and training to businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals.  She held leadership positions in the field of higher education for over 20 years, provided mental health and coaching services through her private practice…

Gerardo (Gery) Rodriguez-Menendez


Dr. Gerardo (Gery) Rodriguez-Menendez is Founder and Co-President of the R-A Pinnacle Group, where he assists businesses and organizations in areas of strategic planning, leadership training, executive coaching, and employee development. Gery is a licensed psychologist in Florida, a Board-Certified Psychologist with the American Board of Professional Psychology…

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