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Our Beliefs

We believe that we are the leaders of our own lives and that leadership must begin with the Self. We believe that leadership is not just a business skill, but a life skill. We hold that leadership transcends the Self to family and friends, and into our work lives. We believe that our lives must have meaning, and that achieving harmony between the Self, family, and work leads to a meaningful life.
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“Leadership is three-dimensional. Everyone can learn strategies and acquire skills to succeed in all three dimensions. We look forward to partnering with you in this journey.”


Who Are We?

We are behavioral scientists who celebrated 47 years of marriage! We have two successful and independent children in their fourth decade of life, who are happily married (we can boast that we have 4 kids now), are enjoying rewarding professional lives, and have blessed us with four beautiful grandchildren. Nevertheless, we wish someone would have told us 20 years ago what we learned through experience and research, which we are eager to share with you.

Leadership starts with the Self...

To work and relate well with others, individuals must take care of their own personal wellness, as well as learn how to promote the personal and professional wellness of their team members to facilitate a high performing work environment.

We espouse an evidence-based leadership model incorporating Eight (8) Dimensions of Wellness for success in work and in life:

How are you doing in your dimensions of wellness?

Learn how you can embed personal wellness and leadership strategies into your everyday life and at work with your team members.