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We help you learn leadership life skills to thrive at the personal level, at home and at work

You are the leader of your own life, and leadership begins with the Self. To have success and relate well with others, you must take care of your own personal wellness and also learn how to facilitate the personal and professional well-being of your family and team members. Life is three-dimensional, and happiness and well-being are only possible when you nurture all three dimensions.

Whether you're aiming to enrich your family life, boost your professional environment, or foster personal growth, mastering Leadership Life Skills transforms every dimension of your life. Embrace these essential practices and watch how they revolutionize your world. Love Your Work. Love Your Life.
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Leadership Training and Workshops

Enhance your leadership skills with our training and development programs designed to create an environment where people are enabled and empowered to achieve remarkable success. We help you strengthen your knowledge and learn new strategies to foster a desire and commitment in your abilities and that of others to achieve extraordinary results.
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Team and Organizational Development

Achieve organizational success with our tailored development programs focused on boosting productivity, collaboration, and goal achievement. Our team and organizational development services prioritize enhancing the strengths of your team members, rather than focusing solely on their weaknesses. Research shows that concentrating on individual and team signature strengths leads to extraordinary success.
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Executive Coaching

Elevate your leadership and management skills with our executive coaching services, designed to help you excel in the workplace. We also assist you in re-envisioning your role and exploring alternative strategies to enhance human and team performance.
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Life Coaching

Life coaching aims at helping you identify and achieve personal goals. We use multiple methods to assist you with the process of setting and reaching goals, that challenge you in achieving a deeper sense of self awareness and self management, to support you in realizing a happier and more fulfilling life.
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  • "I have known the principals of RA Pinnacle – Drs. Teresa Albizu and Gery Rodriguez – for more than twenty years and highly recommend them. Their engagement with our lawyers, and our firm’s employees, has made a material difference in improving our interactions with one another, our planning and goal setting and, perhaps most importantly, our bottom line"

    Roger Slade, Esq.

    Equity Partner, Haber Law

  • "The R-A Pinnacle Group has provided me with practical insights and strategies in furthering and strengthening my skills in guiding my company through these trying economic times.  I recommend them to any company or business executive looking to increase their effectiveness and viability. I wish I had learned these skills 20 years ago.”

    Nelson Orta, Owner

    Nelco Testing & Engineering Services

  • "I highly recommend RA Pinnacle to any organization that is interested in a professional organizational assessment to ensure you are maximizing the full potential of your number one asset, your employees!”

    Frank Otero, CEO/President

    Paco Group

  • Thank you RA PINNACLE for 5 years of facilitating our Business Leadership Institute for Early Learning (BLI) workshops. Teresa your sessions are always so engaging and we appreciate the wide range of topics you have developed for us. Your ability to connect with our participants and help them think differently, develop new strategies and take action is a “game changer.” You are a trusted resource for our organization.

    Robyn Fern Perlman/President

    Business Leadership Instituter for Early Learning

  • "Dr. Teresa Albizu from the RA Pinnacle group has been a valuable contributor to the success of our organization. We are very impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and commitment that the RA Pinnacle Group demonstrates, and which is evident through their authentic, solutions-focused approach.”

    Nilda Soto, M.D., CEO/President

    Open Door Health Center


It is a life skill

You can learn and apply Leadership Life Skills to any area of your life. Master the fundamental practices, behaviors, and actions of leadership to transform not only your own life but also the lives of others, both at home and at work.

Make a difference and have a positive impact on others by first believing in yourself, enhancing your personal wellness, and learning leadership strategies through our Pinnacle Performance Program. This is leadership for the real world!
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